Insight Yoga

Varying Intensity

Insight Yoga


This form of yoga is inspired by insight yoga, a form of yoga developed by Sarah Powers, she is the co-founder of the Insight Yoga Institute as well as the author of Insight Yoga along with blind fold format. This form is to bring all the senses inwards in the age and time when we are bombarded with information, visually, audibly & in other ways.

This form is an integration of physical practices that are both active in a flow style, alignment based along with holding poses longer on the floor in a yin style. This practice is done with ujjayi breathing through the class. In this form we explore Pratyahara, the practice of going inward, withdrawing our senses. By calming external stimuli, we're able to better tune in, align, and restore our body, mind, and spirit.

One needs to be mindful while practicing insight inspired yoga.