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In the current world, with a gazillion things happening around all the time, thousand tasks to attend to , women tend to pay way less attention to their well being than they should. Yoga is not only a form of exercise but a way of life where the balance between self love and selfless that women often embody, strikes a balanced cord.
Diva yoga is a community of driven, passionate women who excel in their own fields. It is a space where yoga is translated into a lifestyle. 12 aspects of diva yoga is designed to bring out the flawless, confident lady that you are. The 12 aspects are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Flexibility
  3. Core
  4. Balance
  5. Posture Alignment
  6. Stamina
  7. Strength
  8. Healing
  9. Delight
  10. Weight management
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A woman plays multiple roles in the everyday life. A daughter, wife, mother, badass CEO, creative director and so on.

It is just endless, the hats she wears. Most important thing in such a situation is to attain awareness. Awareness of self, body, mind and soul comes through yoga. It is what makes a woman a diva that she is born to be.

Very often, we are ruled by our mind and not the other way round where the mind should be ruled by us. Hence, we become just machines who executes the command from the mind, not being completely aware and just driven by impulses. Yoga through meditation and asanas helps one to be more in tune with oneself, creating awareness of the self, body, mind, soul and surroundings. Breathing helps one be aware of the present moment and let go of all that is holding one back, making one feel lighter and more aware. When one is more aware, the decisions are made clearly, things are perceived better, thoughts become more coherent and actions become consistent.

Being aware helps shape one into a diva that they are. All the roles are played easily and in full justice. Hence, this is the first step for all our divas at Diva Yoga. To get an insight on how this is done and the process of channeling your inner diva, come by and experience it on your own only at Diva Yoga. Because, it all starts with awareness.
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A woman's role is never- ending! From a responsible daughter to a dedicated wife, a loving mother and a super working woman. Her daily clock starts ticking before everyone else's and ends after everyone's. For such a hectic schedule, to be energized and active throughout is very important. The most easy, relaxing and fuss free form to gain energy is through yoga. Yoga could done anywhere, at any point of time, contrary to popular belief. One doesn't always need a yoga retreat centre to be energized and relaxed. A few simple exercises that could be done at your desk or literally anywhere would help you make the most of the day.
Ideally, you could begin your day with a short breathing exercise called "Pranayam" which is controlling or regulating your breath. Simple form of Pranayam is to breathe in and out through both your nostrils. This would enable you to clear your head and be relaxed through the day. Start your day stress free with this simple exercise of breathing.

As you go through the day with those busy back to back meetings, stretch your back and rotate your wrists clockwise and anti-clockwise to ease the muscles and release the tension. While taking calls, walking while talking is the best form of exercise that would help you energize instantly and also keep your head free from stress and clutter.

Most importantly, keep smiling. It helps one stay positive and driven at even the most hectic and stressful situations. Breathing in and out & smiling are the best and easiest forumales to a stress free day. These simple yet effective exercises would help you unleash your fullest potential and make you the super working woman that you are!
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The need to lead a happier and healthier life is indispensable. As the pressure to become better every day increases, so does the multitude of illness that comes with negligence. That's when the alarm for attention on health, rings. If I were to tell you that Yoga can help enhance your life, you may not agree. But the truth is out and plain, when you practice Yoga it works not just on your body, but also on your mind and soul, equipping you with all the confidence and strength to tackle your everyday woes and touch the finish line towards a happier and healthier life! And here's how:
Yoga like I always say is not just an hour's practice. It combines various facets of our everyday life to enhance it for the better. Are you Breathing right? Something as normal as breathing is also regulated and set right by the daily practice of Yoga. Free tip: regulated breathing helps to think clearly, aids our decision making and makes us increasingly aware. Yoga teaches us to be in the moment, focusing on the present. In the present era, we multitask all the time. Focusing and regulating one's breath improves brain functioning and mobility which helps rational thinking and decision making.

Regular practice of Yoga increases the flow of blood through the body and to the brain. Yoga results in body mobility. As the movement in yoga asanas involve stretching of limbs and muscles, it improves flexibility and mobility. The stretching and strengthening results in the release of pressure in the joints, thus making them stronger.

Sleep is one of the most important things that both our body and mind need. 1 in every 3 individuals suffers from at least mild cases of insomnia. Complains about either lack of sleep or sleeplessness or the quality of sleep itself is increasing alarmingly. With the adequate and proper amount of sleep, one gains the capability to function to their full potential throughout the day, with a lightened mood and results in increased productivity. Better sleep also directly results in better physical and mental health. The mind thinks through the day and even more during the night. Yoga helps calm the mind and improves the sleep pattern. The meditative techniques used in Yoga help enhance sleeping patterns and ensure deep and undisturbed sleep.

Yoga is not just a healthy practice, but it is a lifestyle that helps adapt the better version of our current lives while harmonizing the body, mind, and soul. A little Yoga is necessary to keep your living enhanced and blissful!
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We all like being beautiful, don't we? All of us assume beauty is just about physical appearance, but what if I told you that beauty is a lot more than that. It is about how you feel within, how healthy you are. A lot of researches show a strong connection between physical beauty and the beauty that lies within. Beauty, as we know, is more than just skin, it is skin deep.
Practising yoga regularly gets your body all charged up that brings a healthy change to your inside and out. Here's how. Regular practice of yoga leads to better hair, nails and skin. It also gives one mental peace, harmony within themselves, changing even the things that don't meet the normal eye. Beyond yoga flawless skin and beautiful hair, yoga teaches the virtue of satisfaction which is important in order to be happy, making peace with oneself and the surroundings. Like how they say 'face is the index of the mind,' when you are content from within, it is what you reflect out, making you more beautiful.

Meditation, a simple yet effective practice that teaches a person to practise being idle yet focused, not wavering into thoughts that bring no gain. It is an excellent method to enhance inner and outer beauty. By regular meditation, the chakras are balanced, you are in tune with your inner self and stress-free, which in turn is reflected on the outside through glowing skin and a vibrant face. Regulated breathing enables proper circulation of oxygen in your body, which rejuvenates the skin and body cells, balancing your mind and enabling mindfulness. Through meditation and mindful breathing, you are empowering your body with healing energies that aid you in the journey to being beautiful inside-out.

A person who is balanced, at peace with himself and internally happy, automatically reflects it on the outside through healthier skin, hair and body. Yoga is an excellent medium to align yourself, balance your vitals and make you happier, beautiful and more peaceful.
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