Yoga for the superwoman : Working women edition

A woman's role is never- ending! From a responsible daughter to a dedicated wife, a loving mother and a super working woman. Her daily clock starts ticking before everyone else's and ends after everyone's. For such a hectic schedule, to be energized and active throughout is very important. The most easy, relaxing and fuss free form to gain energy is through yoga. Yoga could done anywhere, at any point of time, contrary to popular belief. One doesn't always need a yoga retreat centre to be energized and relaxed. A few simple exercises that could be done at your desk or literally anywhere would help you make the most of the day. Ideally, you could begin your day with a short breathing exercise called "Pranayam" which is controlling or regulating your breath. Simple form of Pranayam is to breathe in and out through both your nostrils. This would enable you to clear your head and be relaxed through the day. Start your day stress free with this simple exercise of breathing.

As you go through the day with those busy back to back meetings, stretch your back and rotate your wrists clockwise and anti-clockwise to ease the muscles and release the tension. While taking calls, walking while talking is the best form of exercise that would help you energize instantly and also keep your head free from stress and clutter.

Most importantly, keep smiling. It helps one stay positive and driven at even the most hectic and stressful situations. Breathing in and out & smiling are the best and easiest forumales to a stress free day. These simple yet effective exercises would help you unleash your fullest potential and make you the super working woman that you are!