Awareness : Where the magic begins

A woman plays multiple roles in the everyday life. A daughter, wife, mother, badass CEO, creative director and so on.

It is just endless, the hats she wears. Most important thing in such a situation is to attain awareness. Awareness of self, body, mind and soul comes through yoga. It is what makes a woman a diva that she is born to be.

Very often, we are ruled by our mind and not the other way round where the mind should be ruled by us. Hence, we become just machines who executes the command from the mind, not being completely aware and just driven by impulses. Yoga through meditation and asanas helps one to be more in tune with oneself, creating awareness of the self, body, mind, soul and surroundings. Breathing helps one be aware of the present moment and let go of all that is holding one back, making one feel lighter and more aware. When one is more aware, the decisions are made clearly, things are perceived better, thoughts become more coherent and actions become consistent. published

Awareness where the magic begins

Being aware helps shape one into a diva that they are. All the roles are played easily and in full justice. Hence, this is the first step for all our divas at Diva Yoga. To get an insight on how this is done and the process of channeling your inner diva, come by and experience it on your own only at Diva Yoga. Because, it all starts with awareness.