7 affirmations to inspire positivity

We are all living a race; some with choice, some without. In our daily lives, we come across abundant situations, bitter, sweet, sad, celebratory and some shattering. Every day there is a new emotion when you open your eyes. On some days you,d want to dance and on some, you'd just want to stay in bed. While it's completely okay to undergo such mood swings, what is the one thing that can keep you going? All through the tunnel guiding you to light.

Positivity. Yes, that's right. A rather carelessly overused word, but means every bit of it, positivity is a game-changer. It isn't something you conjure out of the blue to protect yourself from a bad situation. In fact, positivity is a requirement for everyday life, irrespective of what the situation is. It might seem hard to remain positive in situations that test your strength but is necessary in order to not succumb to the negativity.

It requires practice to stay positive. As mentioned earlier, you can't suddenly choose to be positive and imagine scenarios that are life-changing instantly. Your decision to be positive is only the start of the beautiful things that you're about to experience. It is an everyday affair. In fact, studies suggest that, if you are to repeat certain positive thoughts to yourself every morning after you wake up, it surely changes the way you counter your daily tasks. And that is how you get into 'the practice'.

Here are 7 affirmations that will help you stay positive in your high and low tides.

  1. Today, I am and brimming with joy and full of energy!

Waking up with this thought every morning is a mood changer. When you say and believe that you're overflowing with energy and joy, slowly your body and mind begin to believe the same. And that is the pulse you start your day with!

  1. I have a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil soul.

There are times when you'd feel like you are going to fall sick or experience a low day where you cannot fathom the reason. Such mood swings are normal and are bound to occur when the subconscious is pre-occupied with thoughts. In such a case, repeating and self-affirming that you are indeed fine is required.

PS: However, if such feelings persist over a prolonged period, then medical help can be sought.

  1. It is okay to say "No" when I do not have the time or inclination to act.

We often tend to subdue what our heart feels and go ahead with the mind's voice in certain situations. This act is mostly based on our prejudices of how society might see us if we say a "NO." It is essential to understand that sometimes it's okay to turn down things and put ourselves head, our peace, and vulnerability in front of societal predisposes.

  1. Everything that has happened, is happening now and is about to happen, is for my ultimate good.

This affirmation will give you the strength to take into stride everything good or bad that happens around you. It's always "hope" that will keep you going. And this affirmation gives you the hope that better days are coming your way.

  1. I do not bow down to my fears.

Fear is a common disruptor. Fear of the society, fear of prejudices, fear of failure or fear of anything as simple as crossing the road! All these are just inhibitors to our success and even daily lives. The day we decide to not let our fears affect us and overtake them is the day we begin to succeed!

  1. I am eternally grateful for the things I have.

It's okay to aspire, it's okay to wish for things, but it's not okay to let greed overtake you. Being content and happy with everything you possess is the key to maintaining sanity, peace, and happiness in life. Your needs will change, you might want something today and something else tomorrow, but what'll make you happy is the understanding that you can achieve or buy the things that you wish for. But if a situation arises where you cannot, then not getting dejected and counting your blessings is what makes the difference.

  1. I will defeat my distractions and win my goals.

The biggest challenges on your path to achieving your goals is not the choice of path, but winning over your distractions. Repeat to yourself how important your goal and the victory is to you. Imagine you in the winning situation. The feel, the adrenaline rush etc, will make you crave victory more than ever. And at that point, tell yourself that your distractions can't deter you, believe in it and see the affirmation working it's magic!

All that said, you have to keep in mind that affirmations aren't the cure to the various mental blockages or illnesses that you might be undergoing. They are merely a facilitator to you on your path. They help you believe, tune your mind and body to your rhythm and set you on the path of your goals. From where your actions will define your way. Practicing Yoga and mindfulness coupled with these affirmations every day can work wonders for you. It'll help you channel positivity from within, boost your self-esteem such that you emanate an aura of self-confidence and poise. All ready to take over the world!